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May 8, 2019

How do you keep your audience coming back for more of your content? Clare, Sarah and Michele take a look at audience development – and get some tips and tricks from Luke Kintigh, who as head of publishing at Intel had a monthly audience of two million readers.


Luke Kintigh is about to move from Intel IQ to take up a new position as head of content distribution and social media at Autodesk, but you can still find him on Twitter.


Here are some resources the team mentioned during the episode:

Content Marketing Institute’s Benchmarks Report

Ann Handley’s newsletter.


And here is the team’s Toolbox recommendations:

Clare: Outgrow, a platform that lets you build assessments, quizzes and more

Sarah: Chorus Voices Podcast, three-part series on loneliness

Michele: Could A Study About 912 Million Blog Posts Be Wrong? We Put It to the Test


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